Final Write-Up

This is part one of my final write-up/presentation. Here is part two: a board in Lino.

Where to begin, or when to begin… Well, as of right this moment I’ve made 150 edits on the AbaratWiki. That’s pretty good, I think, but it’s not nearly as much as I’d want. But who says I’m going to stop? Just recently I’ve petitioned the website Wikia’s adoption page for Admin and Bureaucrat rights to the site. The request was granted and now I’ve become the only Admin and Bureaucrat. Admins have some special rights, such as deleting, un-deleting, or protecting pages. They can block named or anon. users. A Bureaucrat is more of an advanced Admin who can make other users Admins, along with having the other special rights of Admins.

So now on to the project itself… Most importantly, I’ve learned a wiki is not something you jump into with the thought of making vast improvements easily. I suppose it also depends on what wiki you are working with. A book series wiki takes a lot of page flipping, or for the eBook reader, button or screen tapping. I’ve reread book one at least twice since starting the project, and that doesn’t include going back and looking for facts and character descriptions. I am not done with my book two summary because the book is at least 150 pages longer than the first.

While a faster summary could have been made up to fit the overall plot, I don’t want to go that route because a lot of important stuff happens and if I added that later it would’ve felt like building a house’s walls and then trying to put the wiring in afterward. There are simply too many smaller details to fill in the the large picture. Book Two is all about the preparation and/or building tensions of a war between Day and Night while Candy struggles to find a concrete place in the Abarat. There are a lot of revelations in the book and the summary should be nearly the same length or longer than the first I wrote.

The third book will be the real challenge. Absolute Midnight. It is the book I am least familiar with. I’ve only read it once, not counting the numerous times I’ve just flipped through and reread chapters or looked at the cool illustrations. The book is the longest so far and has a lot of elements to write down. In that book, we see the war between Night and Day take on its full form when nearly the entire archipelago of the Abarat is covered in darkness by the evil Mater Motley. But that’s a tale for a different time…

The part I most enjoyed about this wiki was pressing the publish button and seeing what I had created or edited take form on the page. As stated in my Project Proposal, I was disappointed by the state of this wiki from the first time I visited it. The articles were not only too short, they were inaccurate. One was just a collection of random letters. When I made my improvements the only place the wiki could go was up. And without sounding too complimentary to myself, I believe the quality has gone up.

There is now a Welcome Page with links to the most popular or relevant (in my opinion at least) articles. The Welcome Page actually just used to be this page with a little less info, but it wasn’t clearly navigable. The main characters and each book now have infoboxes, and there are many more to come. The infobox template is a little bit restricted to use in visual mode, so I’ve been trying to learn source code more and more, but that will take some time.

I’ve created red links on certain words to remind me that they need to be made. Specifically, I’ve done this with each of the islands that don’t have articles yet. I think I can understand why the original creators of the wiki didn’t make all of them. Not every island is visited by the main characters. Only a few islands have been a part of the plot points. Interestingly enough, there was no article for the island of Ninnyhammer, which is the second island Candy makes explores. The red links will keep me in line and give me a visible goal to work at.

I leave off on this by saying farewell to all my classmates I have met in Webblogs and Wikis. If any of you keep up with your blog posts that I’m following I might read a few or comment every once in a while. And I don’t usually unfollow anyone on Twitter so if you keep those we might be in touch also. It was great reading your words and opinions this semester. So to all in the class, students and professor, I leave you with the beginning poem of book three, Absolute Midnight, just to end with a little bit of mystery and fear…

There’ll be no sun tomorrow morning

There’ll be no moon to bless the night

The stars will perish without warning

These lines proclaim the death of light.


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