Project Reflection #5

Week Five was actually the most productive week for me, I think.

First off, I should comment of the last few blog posts I made for the project, though I will continue this blog probably until… I don’t know, if the series ever ends or I lose interest in it. The latter is not likely at all.

The first post I made was about the royal family of the Daylight Hours. The posts I’ve edited/created in this category are King Claus, Princess Boa, and Finnegan Hobb. The main royal we hear about throughout book one and two is Princess Boa who spurned Christopher Carrion and instead married Finnegan Hobb, and seconds after their vows a dragon killed her. That’s not spoilery because the moment we’re introduced to her name by the crew of the Belbelo we know she was a tragic figure. I talk about how Boa is presented to us using the popular website TVTropes. Whether this is a good thing or a bad thing I have yet to tell. I need to branch out to more Abarat readers. The royal family of Day in Abarat is a pretty sad group altogether. The king grew fat in grief, the Bridegroom prince went on a killing vendetta, and the Crown Prince Quiffin went mostly under the radar. I think the age of monarchy is past in Abarat but anything is possible for the last two books.

I made another post discussing the navigation aspects of making a wiki, which I have classmate Jordan Malm to thank for the suggestion. The wikis I enjoy are those that are easily navigable with links in every corner and pictures to compliment. There were no such things on AbaratWiki and I didn’t make them until late. Source code/JavaScript is still very confusing for me so the Welcome Page still looks a little bland even with the new navigation box. In case you like it, that painting you see is my favorite image painted for the books. It’s called The Beautiful Moment and it depicts every island in the Abarat including the Time Out Of Time. I also decided to add Infoboxes to every major character because they make it easy to get the basic stats on a character, though I still have some formatting trouble. I’ve made an Infobox for Candy, Malingo, Christopher Carrion, and Mater Motley. That was interesting as I can’t be entirely sure if Carrion and Mater are completely human. They’re quite magical and are painted to look like zombies. I also formatted their pages and info in the layout that I prefer. I’ll talk about that later.

I learned how to add sources, but I haven’t learned how to have the link take the reader to the exact part of the website that includes the quotes by the author. Those are the sources I use, by the way, only words spewed by the author from Facebook, Twitter, or interviews he’s done. They’re all nicely listed on the author’s website. Quotes can be found there that go all the way back to the early-to-mid nineties when Abarat was originally a collection of 25 short stories called Clive Barker’s Book of Hours. The pages I added sources to are here and here. They are the articles for the last two books in the series yet to be published.

In this post that borders on lecture and immaturity, I take one section of the article on Christopher Carrion, tell what is wrong with it, and then show what I added. I’m not going to claim to have perfect grammar, and small errors are nothing to be too upset about but this section about Carrion’s abilities was written very badly. I can’t say I blame them for they obviously had read the books and knew the basics of what they were saying but they did not phrase it well. Also, I completely changed the layout of the character pages that were created before I started here because I feel like they gave away too much information in all the wrong places. If a reader is on the wiki it’s their own fault if they see a spoiler, but I believe the information should be quite sequential to what happens in the books. For instance, on the page for Candy I start with an appearance and character section, a layout idea I learned from A Wiki of Ice and Fire. It’s pretty self-explanatory, but there is one part I wasn’t sure about leaving. When talking about her hair, someone else had wrote “She cuts it short to hide along some monks on Sona Plume.” While that does happen early in book two, it doesn’t really give anything away so I left it there. Before I had changed it the first section was title Overview and it gave away the biggest plot detail in Candy’s life that is supposed to be a shock at the end of book two, though experienced readers may figure it out. I’ve said it on this blog before so I’ll say it again. Candy has the soul of the dead Princess Boa attached to her own. That information is revealed later, so I feel it should be put later in the article, which it has been. It’s lonely right now, but it shall have to be patient until I finish a decent summary.

I didn’t get to make a post on making a more in-depth article on my favorite character Malingo and his strange species Geshrats, but I wish I had the time. I really like the relationship that develops between Malingo and Candy. It’s not exactly romantic, though I’d like it if it was. Candy inspires him to rise about his master and he is able to go from slave to independent character. Geshrats are a very looked down upon species in the Abarat, but I really like them. Well, Malingo is the only one that shows up and as such gives us a taste of what their potential is.

That was my week on the wiki, my last week of the my Wiki Project, but not my last week of editing it. My new mission is putting infoboxes on every character that has a large influence on the plot or is connected to the main characters and learning all about source code to make some great box formats. Actually my old mission isn’t complete and probably never will be, for a wiki is constantly changing. I’ve put in a request to ‘adopt’ the wiki and become the main administrator/bureaucrat. I’m hoping it gets approved.

I leave off with a video based on the painting I mentioned earlier, The Beautiful Moment. It features an interactive look at the background image I’ve chosen for this blog.



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