Sources and Navigation

Today I begin work on adding sources to the articles that have information that comes from anything other than the book, such as the article for book four, Abarat: The Price of Dreams.


Sorry, I’m back. That was the fourteen year old part of me.

So using advice from Jordan Malm, I’ve started to add navigation tools to start a clean-up phase. The past four weeks I’ve barely scratched the surface on cleaning the wiki and focused on adding content. These are what I’ve got so far. I’ve made the main page a welcoming page with a box for articles that beginners will probably be interested in, the books, main characters… I had to use source code, which is a concept that I’ve never really used before so for now it will be a little messy. But now the page has five easy links to the books, and the characters. Until I get a better knowledge of using source code, I’ll keep the welcome page as is but I’m not a very big fan of it.

This page here is the first time I’ve used an infobox. I think it’s a great edition even though its a little bit uneven than I would like. My next process will be adding infoboxes to all the main characters, possibly places and islands. It’s a tool that is very helpful in almost all other wikis I’ve used.

Finally, today I’m going to start adding sources to the few articles that I include quotes from the author and/or future plans by him indicated by interviews and his online presence. Like my earlier burst of enthusiasm, I will take Clive Barker’s Facebook post which announced that the initial draft is done and use it as a source. After the book comes out I’m sure I’ll clean that up even more.

Also, I’ll be linking every wiki page to every other wiki page, helping with the much needed navigation.


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