Project Reflection #3

I didn’t think making a summary of a book I read many times would be as complicated as it was. It was much longer than I estimated at first, even though I left out many details. Actually at some parts I thought I might’ve been putting in too many details. You can find my summary here.

Just a few quick notes about this week. I focused on making a complete summary that included nearly all the necessary information for making the instructor for my class, fellow students, and fan who just needed their memories jogged, caught up on the story so my posts actually make sense. I forgot about creating other articles. I’m hoping the sheer amount that I placed on there will make it up. I added a 4000 word summary. That’s how much my usual book chapters are, so it didn’t seem like too much until I pasted it on the article and published it. I turned a relatively short article into the biggest article on the site.

And now, you can all enjoy the plot of my favorite book. The first criticism I have of the summary is that I feel like it doesn’t capture enough of the weirdness from the book. Here is a list of some of the weird things in the book:

1. Using a squid as a telescope.

2. Brothers whose facial features crawl around on their heads.

3. A giant moth made of powdered human bones and magic built to kidnap a girl

4. A man with antlers that hold his seven brothers.

5. A man whose nightmares swim in a tank he wears around his head so he can relive them.

The best part is, all of those are painted by the author of the story. He is an artist with word and with paint. Now that I think about it, I might’ve done this summary first and then made the other articles so the characters and setting was more fresh in my mind.

Here’s to sailing into next week, finishing the book two summary and the book three reread.


One thought on “Project Reflection #3

  1. > fan who just needed their memories jogged, caught up on the story so my posts actually make sense.

    Very detailed! But it’s going to be valuable for anyone entering into the wiki. As you say, it doesn’t summarize the weirdness of the book – that’s for the rest of the wiki.

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