Project Reflection #1

This week has given me a good sense of what it is like to edit a wiki. It is much more work than I thought it would, especially when the content is coming from a series of books with many pages.

First off, I would like to show this:

Notice I am the only editor

Notice I am the only editor

As of now, it seems I will be the only one contributing to the AbaratWiki. I like this prospect because it will be easier to show the things I have done. What I have done so far is this:

1. John Mischief

2. The Sea of Izabella

3. Mendelson Shape

These are the three articles I have made and edited myself. The first article I considered to be the most important because of reasons outlined in this post. He is the first mystical character introduced to the main character Candy. Apart from the prologue, he is the first character from the Abarat to make an appearance. In this post I talk about the thing that makes the Abarat, well, the Abarat. It is a sea; the Sea of Izabella. The story would not be the story if not for Mama Izabella. It needed its own article about all its wonders, good or bad. In this post, I talk about the first villain, the first monster introduced. He is a character who we are simply meant to fear because of his grotesque nature. He sings a lullaby about death. He has swords built into his skin. And he is the first character we see that would harm our protagonist Candy.

I feel I’ve made a decent impact on the wiki. I’ve gotten a taste of what it’s like to be the main editor and the work it takes for even a small article. I have not yet figured out each and every font or template option, but there are many more articles that need to be made that will show me the various ways. I think I’ve kept good on my contract for a grade, but only minimally. I underestimated how many pages I will have to flip through to make the wiki better.

I think the given information I have created so far isn’t so spoiling. I figure that if someone is visiting the sight, they will be either past book one or already started on it. The goal for this next week is summarizing the books, and the character’s travels with respect to not spoiling them for perspective readers.


2 thoughts on “Project Reflection #1

  1. Go for it. This is what a wiki master does: sets the standards for the wiki. “I’ve noticed something else on the wiki also. John Mischief does not have his own article. He is the very first character from the new world that Candy meets (although technically he is eight characters in one. He has seven brothers that take the form of heads on his antlers.) John Mischief is the man, if he can be called a man per se, who sets Candy on her journey. When I’m on Wikipedia, every once in a while I will see a very short article that can have a message on the bottom. It goes something like this: this article is a stub and may not fit Wikipedia’s notability standards. Well, since I am taking charge (figuratively) of the Abarat Wiki, I decided the notability standards. “

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